is experience the only thing that brings knowledge?

Welcome to Human Capital Challenge, a business game breakthrough by MEGA Learning in partnership with HEC Paris. It integrates the multiple interdependencies between human capital and business performance. Human Capital Challenge provides participants with a holistic perspective on the importance of Human Capital in Business Strategy design and execution. They will work hard, play hard and learn hard! This business simulation is available for business schools, private companies and public organisations.

what it does

In 25 years history, MEGA Learning has developed more than 25 strategic business games focusing on the core aspects of the business models of many different industries. But nothing happens without the engagement, competence and performance of the employees and the leadership of their managers. People are KEY! For the first time in business games history, human capital has been put so close to business decisions that you cannot succeed without thinking PEOPLE, hiring, developing and retaining unique talents. Participants LOVE it!


where does it come from

The dream of HEC Paris and MEGA Learning was to build a learning solution showing the impact of people-related decisions on strategy execution; the complementarity of our skills has been a tremendous source of innovation and co-creation. HEC Paris' professor Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts gathered a top team of academics, practitioners and MEGA Learning design and development experts. Together they have built a proof of concept that has been tested and improved. Embedded in a learning journey combining workshops, decisions, academics and specialists presentations, Human Capital Challenge is a great learning experience with a unique graphical interface that accelerates the learning. Our baby is born! The learning solution successfully practiced at HEC Paris is now deployed extensively.


how does it look like

Teams lead a company producing and selling 4 ranges of products and services in a competitive environment. At the start, 2720 people work for the company, 12% are managers, 40% work in a declining business unit, many have low level of competence and performance. The challenge is to define a strategy and execute it by deploying the right people at the right place. You will hire people and engage them through good training, compensation, promotion and team dynamics. But you will also have to separate from some employees, impacting negatively your company attractiveness… At the end, who will outperform competition on profit, revenue per headcount and employee engagement?

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